“Navajo Code Talker” Peter MacDonald Endorses Redd


Shawn Redd seen with (left to right) Veteran and Navajo Politician Donald Benally, Veteran and father Tom Redd, Shawn Redd, and “Codetalker” Peter MacDonald.

In a demonstration of Redd’s Navajo support, Shawn Redd is very proud to announce an endorsement by former Tribal Chairman Peter Macdonald, a well known Navajo Codetalker, who was once considered “The most powerful Indian in the USA”. In his endorsement letter, MacDonald stated,

“If our district is going to defeat a Democratic candidate in the General Election and send a Republican to Washington to represent all Americans, we need to support my friend, Shawn Redd.” MacDonald continued, “I am endorsing Shawn Redd, because Shawn is the only candidate that can create opportunity while serving the needs of the 12 Indian Nations and represent all Americans. In addition, Shawn is the only Republican candidate with a message that will successfully appeal to both parties in the General Election.”

Read the full endorsement here.