Economic Development – Small business is the backbone of America, the federal government is smothering small business with an overload of regulations and taxes.  Additionally I bring an extremely unique perspective to doing business on Federal Trust Lands (reservations); which are literally starving for commerce. Include job creation in the economic outlook.

Border Issues – Secure the border and stop the flow of illegals must be done first, the administer and enforce the current immigration laws while emphasizing the importation of the worlds best and brightest not simply the closest to our borders or those that have broken our laws.

Environmental Issues – Federal Stewardship of our public lands must be improved, our forests and natural resources must be harvested and maintained.  The EPA recently contaminated several rivers in the Four Corners area during the Gold King disaster.  AZ CD1 has to have strong representation in DC that will hold the EPA accountable for this horrible action.  The Navajo Nation is a large coal producer and yet is unable to further develop its resources due to Federal restrictions.  As a Native American I am acutely aware of our relationship with Nature and as with most things it is clearly give and take.

Southwest Water Rights – The Navajo Nation holds tremendous sway in the dispersement of water across the southwest, sitting in the middle of the flow from the northern mountains to the southern desert.  AZ’s Congressional Delegation has been completely unsuccessful negotiating a settlement of these rights.  My relationship with the Navajo Nation will ensure a successful conclusion to this long lasting, far reaching issue.

Veterans – Our nation’s veterans are both owed the benefits that have been promised to them by our Federal Government.  AZ is ground zero for the VA Hospital issues and Seniors are the most important voting block amongst Native, followed by Veterans.