Shawn’s outlook, innovative ideas and fundamental values are needed in these critical areas:

Economic Development and Business Environment
Border Issues
Environmental Issues
Water and Living Conditions
Improve Employment and Create Jobs
Issues Affecting Seniors and Veterans

About Shawn Redd

Shawn Offers:

  • More than 20 years business experience on the Navajo Nation
  • For more than 13 years has operated a successful business serving the 1st District
  • Experience campaigning in support of tribal candidates
  • Strong communication skills needed to reach voters
  • Known and respected in the region

Born and raised in the west, Shawn Redd is a unique blend of Republican conservatism and Navajo dedication to the place he calls home. An astute business man, who understand the people and challenges of the area, Shawn has gained the trust and respect of many residents of this vast District through his contributions to improved living conditions, his unstinting hard work and his involvement in local elections.

His unique perspective, a fusion of both his Navajo and Mormon heritage, gives him insights others don’t have and the key to attracting voters. A conservative, compassionate traditionalist, he is also a realist who examines the issues and keeps an open mind when developing workable solutions.

With his skill in gaining cooperation and building bridges to close the gap between differing factions, Shawn is the one candidate who can bring the vast District 1 to embrace the values of the party.

Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

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